Modeling Portfolio

Mistress Zelda began cosplaying in 2002 after a lifetime of loving costumes, which led her to pursue modeling across a wide range of artistic styles beginning in 2009. Her first foray into modeling was nude cosplay for Cosplay Deviants during their launch year. After that, she spent several years modeling for a variety of nude cosplay, geek, and alt-porn sites and began her own nude cosplay site, Pixel Vixens, which has since been sold. Following her early days of alt-porn, she began exploring other aspects of alternative photography, eventually going on to co-produce the group Alt+3rR0r LA alongside JaW Images Photography. Zelda hosts group events throughout the year, many of which have gone on to be published. More recently, Zelda went on to spearhead a 3-year project (Geeky Freaky) which was one of the leading resources for alternative, geeky events and news in Los Angeles. It is currently in the process of being relaunched. She also has been a top contributor to GeekxGirls since 2011, one of the largest cosplay-focused sites in the world.

In recent years, Zelda has herself gone on to be published in over 50 digital and print publications including album covers, calendars, clothing, websites, and catalogs. She has also won several notable awards for her work both as a model and costumer, including the Alt Porn Award for best geek update. Her modeling and costuming continues to span many themes and styles. Most recently her work has been mainly focused on dark fantasy, post-apocalyptica, and Japanese inspired fashion,

Zelda has a talented team of photographers, makeup artists, models, and costumers whom she works with regularly (and who have greatly helped to inspire her), but is always open to discussing unique concepts with new collaborators who share a desire to create powerful art. She also works extensively with charitable organizations in the geek realm such as GAAM, Girls of Geek, Extra Life, and Girls Make Games and is always interested in discussing ways in which she can help your charitable cause.

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