Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are your modeling rates?

Modeling rates depend on a variety of factors including theme, time booked, usage rights, travel accommodations, need for additional services (such as styling, location scouting/booking or usage of home studio). But generally they start at $50/hr for clothed, $75/hr for nude and $100/hr for fetish work with discounts for time blocks.

Do you offer TFP?

Yes, I do sometimes shoot TFP. This is on a case by case basis and will generally only be if it is something really unique to add to my portfolio – I already have a large body of work and a limited amount of time to shoot, so TFP is at my discretion. I never shoot simple themes like lingerie or general pinup, nor adult/fetish work on a TFP basis.

Do you rent out your home studio, cars or wardrobe?

My home studio is not available for rent. I created it because I got tired of seeing the same backdrops over and over again in images and instantly recognizing where they were photographed, and the huge amount of sameness in photographs coming out of Los Angeles. My home studio exists so that I have some available props and backgrounds that will not be over-saturated in our fair city’s collective body of work. I do sometimes host group shoots out of my home that can include additional models.

My cars, props and wardrobe are more readily available for rent. Me or my husband must be present if the cars are to be used. If I do not already have a good working relationship with you, I must also be present if wardrobe is to be used. I require a deposit and a signed contract in case my items are ruined or not returned. My wardrobe rotates often as I am always selling and making new things, but I keep my online closet updated with what is available. If you wish to purchase things outright, you can check my Etsy store:

I am also available to come and style your shoots and bring my wardrobe with me. I have a ton of experience with group photoshoots especially.

What kind of work are you available for?

Modeling – I am available for a variety of modeling. Please check my portfolio for an example of the type of work I do and my strengths (fantasy, costumed, nude, conceptual, fetish, pinup, alt, cosplay, horror). I do not generally shoot lingerie, bikini, boudoir, commercial. I do not shoot porn.

I have experience with event modeling but am best suited for geek, tech and gaming events.

Writing and Content Creation – I have years of experience creating original written content across several online and physical distribution channels. I have a proven track record of writing engaging, viral content for, (now defunct) and physical magazines. My topics of expertise include cosplay, entertainment, video games, tech, tattoos, geek, photography, travel, art, cooking, hosting, music, lifestyle, culture, philosophy/theology, event coverage, event promotion, interviews, reviews, with a focus on niche alternative genres such as post-apocalypse, cyberpunk, occult, dystopia and dieselpunk.

Art Direction and Production – I have many years experience doing the full art direction on photoshoots from booking talent, location scouting and booking, theme inception, styling and directing flow during the shoot itself. I am a professional producer in the video game industry for my day job, so I am capable of creating very elaborate schedules, handling messaging between multiple companies, and managing teams of up to 75 people.

Styling – I am also available to come and style your productions already in progress. I do NOT accept outright commissions – I unfortunately do not have the time between my day job and my own projects.

Marketing – I also work professionally in marketing and social media. Do you need help reaching your audience? Or writing a press release that will get noticed? Maybe some help securing some media coverage? Or just feedback on your marketing plan? I am available as a consultant or to help create an effective marketing outline.

What is your schedule like?

I work from 11am-6pm during the week at a video game developer in Pasadena, CA. I also do a lot of costuming and building, travel, car building, photoshoots, and events (SCA, conventions, post-apocalyptic, etc) so my time is limited. Please email me with as much advance notice as you can to secure availability. My job is flexible and I can make myself available for paid weekday work with enough notice.

What are your qualifications?

Please check out my LinkedIn for my full resume, recommendations and endorsements. You may find examples of my writing, photography and costuming throughout this site.