Custom Car Builds

Mistress Zelda works as a team with her husband Christian on various custom car builds. There are currently two post-apocalyptic themed builds in progress with plans to create additional custom cars in other themes. Here you can stay updated on the progress and process of the builds. Both post-apocalyptic car builds are expected to be complete in 2017, with supervillain and sci-fi themed vehicles, and 2 motorcycles beginning in 2018. Coming soon: Video content showing off some of the methods used to create these cars.

Epona the Mustang is a WWII era P51 airplane inspired custom car conversion built on a 2003 Ford mustang. Its influences are Deathrace 2000, atompunk and tiger shark style military planes.

Janky the Volksrunner is inspired by classic rat rods and The Munsters. It is a vintage VW bug conversion built on a 4Runner frame and the body is entirely custom made from re-purposed components.