Digital Wardrobe Closet

Here you may digitally browse Zelda’s closet! She finds it is a lot easier to discuss themes and styling options with a visual aid. Her closet is separated into several categories and kept updated often, as she is constantly making new things and selling off old ones. Under each photo you will find a description of ways she envisions using items, but Zelda is always open to discussing your ideas, too! If you are interested in seeing which of these items are available for outright purchase, you can check out Zelda’s Etsy shop. Most of the clothing items are in Zelda’s size (4-6 dress size) but she does have several that are larger or smaller. Please read the description of each item for sizing information.

Zelda is most interested in modeling wardrobe she has not already photographed. Many wardrobe pieces can be used in a new way, but Zelda is not generally interested in directly recreating a look she has already photographed unless in a new context or to address issues from the images the first time around. If you see a piece you are interested in using that she already has pictures in, she’s happy to collaborate with you on a way to make it new!


ALL shoes are in a size 6.5 or 7. I DO NOT provide shoes when styling wardrobe for models unless they are in my size. Please be aware that models are mostly responsible for their own footwear.


Jewelry, corsets, bras, belts, vests, wigs, collars and other accessories. Of course I also have a lot of other smaller items not shown here.


My prop closet includes mostly fantasy and historical weapons. I do also have a large selection of legally-acquired, registered guns (and my husband is also a gunsmith), but I do not include them here. They are available only when working with trusted individuals in safe, secure locations.

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Hats and Headdresses

I have hats and headdresses in a variety of themes! Some of these will not fit everyone depending on the circumference of their head. If I know in advance, I can adjust the sizing on some of these items.

Alt Fashion

Most of my alt fashion is in my size (small, size 4-6). However, I also collect unique items for other sizes, both smaller and larger. Please read the description of the item to see the sizing. My alt fashion is anywhere between size 0 and 16. I have fashion in a variety of themes – metal, gothic, harajuku, lolita and Japanese street fashion, pinup and retrom geek-inspired, cyberpunk, and evening-wear.


Costumes are my bread and butter! Most costumes are in my size (small, size 4-6), but I have a few available in other sizes. Please read the description of each item to see the sizing. My costumes are across a variety of themes, including Ethnic and folk clothing (both modern and historical), medieval/Renaissance, sci fi, fantasy, cosplay, dieselpunk, steampunk, military, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, avant garde, bonecraft, occult, pagan and shamanistic. I do not offer outright commissions, but I can work with you on customizing for a specific project so long as it falls under the themes listed above.